Rent Water Slides

Party time – rent water slides in South Florida

Are you ready to bring the fun to your child’s next celebration?  Would you like to rent water slides or roomy bounce houses for the party’s entertainment? If so, it may be time to call Extremely Fun, the leaders in fun! With an extensive inventory of challenging and colorful water slides, plus bounce houses and other inflatable party rentals, planning an upcoming get-together is easy, affordable and hassle-free.

Water slides come in a wide range of sizes, shapes, themes, designs and more. When you partner with Extremely Fun, our team will take your type of celebration into consideration and offer ideas on which rental water slides would be your best option. For example, if your guest list will be filled with youngsters, then you may want to consider a smaller, more compact water slide that isn’t as challenging as some of our larger styles. Some of these water slide rentals are also designed with a bounce house attached, offering double the fun to your child and his or her friends. When they want to take a break from bouncing, they can splish and splash down the exciting water slide before taking a dip in the refreshing attachable pool. Some of these combo units include our 17-foot 4-in-1 Queen Castle Combo and our 17-foot 4-in-1 All Star Arena Combo. Whether your child is obsessed with princesses or sports, one of these combos will do the trick. Each one contains a large bouncing area, obstacles and a thrilling attachable slide.

When it comes times to rent water slides for older children and teenagers, we have the largest selection in town. Our slides range from dual-laned to twisting and turning designs, each offering it’s own memorable characteristics and challenges. If your party guests are ready for adrenaline-pumping, heart-pounding action, we have many popular water slide rental choices that would work well. First, consider our 30-foot Blue Crush 2 Lane Run N’Splash Combo, a impressive two-laned water slide that will bring out the competitive spirit in any party guest. After climbing a 30-foot incline, guests can take a three-story plunge down into a 31-foot tunnel. A quick dip in the splash pool at the finish line is just enough of a pause before it is time to do it all over again. If you are looking for a way to leave a lasting impression on your child and his or her friends, this water slide rental should be your first choice!

For smaller, more compact sized yard areas in need of a water slide inflatable, take a look at our 20-foot Wild Rapids Dual Laned model. The ingenious design will transport party guests to a day at the rapids. Two lanes allow children and teens to race each other to the bottom, as they laugh, scream and giggle. A soft landing in the splash pool finishes off this exciting adventure on the rapids.

No matter which inflatable you choose, when it comes time to rent water slides there is no better partner than Extremely Fun. Plus, our massive inventory includes so much more than inflatables. There is no need to drive all around town and reserve party materials from different vendors. Ask one of our team members about renting tables, chairs, tents, cotton candy machines and more.

If renting water slides is on your party “to-do” list this year, let us help you choose the ideal inflatable that will make your party unforgettable.

Call to reserve your fun at 954-300-3357. If you need to rent water slides for your next celebration, the entire team at Extremely Fun looks forward to working with you!