Inflatable Water Slide for Rent

Add a slippery inflatable water slide for rent to bring your party to the next level!

Imagine the memories your child and his or her friends will make as they slip and slide down a massive water slide at their next party! With an inflatable water slide for rent from Extremely Fun, bringing a distinctive and unforgettable party experience to your backyard is affordable and easy. Children, teens and even adults have been known to party on our water slide inflatables for hours at a time, making every celebration a success. Keep everyone on your guest list adequately entertained and full of laughs, smiles and joy.

Living in South Florida, it is no wonder why so many enjoy bringing a water theme to their outdoor celebration. While most of the country is gearing up for cold weather, we still have the opportunity to enjoy sunshine and warm breezes. Instead of bringing your child and his or her friends to an ordinary indoor location, let them run free and experience fun in the sun (and water). Each inflatable water slide for rent is available in just about every color, size and theme, ensuring there is something for everyone’s taste.

Smaller, simpler designed water slide rentals are perfect for younger children who want to have fun but may be intimidated by larger inflatables. Larger, more complex water slide designs are always a hit with teenagers and even adults! Depending on the location of your party and the size of your available outdoor space, our skilled team can help you choose the right fit to go along with your celebration.

If you want to pull the water theme throughout your entire party and offer your guests the ultimate party surprise, we suggest the 35-foot Blue Crush 2 Lane Run N Splash Combo. Adrenaline-pumping and scream-inducing, this massive two-lane slippery slide is sure to give every contender the ride of their life. It’s unique blue wave design is sure to catch the attention of every water lover at your party. And, attached to the finish line is a fun-sized splash pool to cool every guest off before they take another turn.

Smaller in size but great in impact is our 24-foot Corkscrew Fire with Pool inflatable. This curvy and twisting slide will take guests through a tunnel and around exciting turns before landing them in the splash pool below. Colorful and fun, we guarantee this inflatable water slide for rent is sure to be the biggest hit at your party!

Want to double the fun? If so, try our 18-foot Bounce N Double Dip Tropical Combo which delivers sliding fun and an exciting bounce house area. With bouncing and water slide capabilities, you can offer young party guests two of their favorite activities all at once!

With so many inflatable water slides for rent, the hardest decision about your next celebration may just be which design to choose! We can help. Speak to one of our team members to learn more about which type of inflatable water slide rental would be best for your guests and location.

Call to reserve your fun at 561-213-2721. As the leaders in fun, let us take your party to the next level with our massive selection of inflatable water slides for rent!