Best Blow Up Water Slide Rentals

Reserving a blow up water slide rental or bounce house water slide rental is a big step in the right direction when planning an outdoor event your guests will love – and Extremely Fun Bounce House and Waterslide Rentals definitely has an amazing selection to choose from as well as the most reliable service model and customer satisfaction rating in the business – but there is so much more you can do to turn any event into one your guests will want to replicate.

Whether you are using one of our inflatable water slide rentals as the centerpiece of your party or as the perfect complement to other entertainment, there are a number of ways you can take your event to the next level and provide an even MORE memorable social gathering.

Inflatable Waterslides Make the Best Additions to Outdoor Parties.

As I am sure you are aware, in order to throw a fabulous party you need several key items – incredible entertainment, great music, fun décor, and of course delicious food. With our massive inventory of inflatable water slides rentals, bounce house waterslide rentals, and other inflatables, we have you covered when it comes to fun interactive entertainment. And if you are in the midst of planning a water themed birthday party, now is a great time to start shaping your menu and hammering out all the other details that go into a successful event. Most events revolve around food and entertainment, and having a diverse menu that can resonate with your guests is a critical element and helps determine whether you need a wide range of catered options or you can go with bulk items such as hamburgers and hot dogs.

Ideas for Your Water Themed Party
Here are some of our favorite food items for a water themed party that are a hit with people of all ages:

  1. Tie in the ocean – A perfect way to tie the ocean waters into your party’s theme is by offering various types of seafood. For parents and adults attending your child’s party, consider platters of shrimp cocktail and crabcakes. Sushi has also become a hit at parties and is great finger food. For children who aren’t fans of seafood, look for food items that have a similar feel such as cookies in the shape of a fish or mermaid. This still ties in your ocean theme but offers edible treats that everyone will feast on.
  2. Bring the beach to the party – If you want more of a beach-themed water party and want to excite kids, line up several sandcastle pails and shovels and fill them with a wide assortment of children’s favorite snacks. Items such as Chex Mix, M&M’s and even cheerios are great choices and kids will love scooping a serving out by themselves with the handy shovel.
  3. Customize your cake – No matter what type of specific water-themed party you are having, you can tie your theme in with a grand finale with your cake style. Consider requesting or baking a cake in the shape of a giant ocean wave or sea creature, such as an octopus or mermaid. Or, if you are planning on reserving an inflatable water slide, have a matching water-slide cake for your child’s party.

Weave your water theme throughout all elements in your party including décor and even dinnerware.

But don’t just stop there. We offer a cotton candy machine rental and popcorn machine rental to produce snacks on the spot and provide the ooohs and aaahs of watching the magic at work.

And then when it comes time to “wow” all of your guests with the awesome entertainment, that’s when you unleash them onto the inflatable water slide rental you have reserved. Our inventory includes all styles, themes, colors and even sizes, so you can reserve a heart-pumping waterslide adventure that will accommodate smaller backyards or large outdoor areas. Some of our most popular water slide inflatables are the 35-foot Blue Crush, a dual-lane, jumbo-sized slide that gets everyone’s adrenaline pumping. Another favorite that would fit nicely into a water-themed birthday party is our 22-foot Monster Wave water slide. Also designed with two lanes for twice the fun, this eye-catching inflatable is designed like a massive wave and is perfect for your water-loving child.

Call to reserve your fun at 561-440-7678. Our skilled team can help you find the perfect inflatable water slide for rent, in addition to providing you with more ideas for your water-themed party!