Tug of War Rope

Our Tug of War Rope rental is fun competitions for your event, sports day, picnic or corporate event. It’s great fun for all ages—but take care mixing ages and sizes! Rent from Extremely Fun for a sturdy rope that’s been well maintained for your safety.

Fun Tidbit Alert! The origins of Tug of War are not clearly known, though they date back quite a long time in history. It may have originally been a ritual or religious contest. Evidence is found in countries like Egypt, India, Myanmar and New Guinea. In India, Tug of War reflects strong archaeological roots going back at least to the 12th century AD in the area of what is today Orissa on the east coast. The famous Sun Temple of Konark has a stone relief on the west wing of the structure clearly showing the game of Tug of War in progress. Recreate your own modern-day version of this healthy, strength-challenging competition! Call today 954-300-3357

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