Water Slide Bounce House

Bounce houses plus water slides can make your next party unforgettable!

Do you want to guarantee your child and his or her friends have an incredible time at your upcoming party? If so, then a water slide bounce house rental is the way to go! Imagine doubling the fun when you add the jumping joys of a spacious and colorful bounce house with the slip sliding fun of an exciting water slide. Children will scream in delight when they see a water slide bounce house inflatable as they show up to your party. Parents will be as equally excited as they know their children will be engaged and amused all day long.

Inflatable Water Slide Rental

Bring the fun to your next party with an inflatable water slide rental!

Slip, sliding fun is always well received when it comes time to plan your child’s birthday or holiday party. With inflatable water slide rentals from Extremely Fun, we bring the excitement and thrills right to your house! No need to try to keep your child’s guest list together in an indoor facility, hoping everyone is entertained and safe. With our colorful and massive inflatable water slides, children can enjoy the great outdoors and our beautiful South Florida weather. Memories will be made and laughs will be shared when you bring a slippery, water slide to the party!

Water Slide Rental Broward

Entertain and keep party guests cool with a water slide rental in Broward

Imagine the excitement on your child’s face when you tell him or her that their upcoming party will include a water slide inflatable! Children, teens and even adults can’t get enough of our colorful, challenging and thrilling water slides. As a party-planning parent, when you choose the best water slide rental Broward has to offer, you are offering partygoers a safe, exiting experience that will entertain them throughout the entire day.

Rent Water Slide Bounce House

Need to plan a five-star party? Rent a water slide bounce house and bring the fun!

Parents, are you ready to throw your children a party of a lifetime? Forget bringing everyone indoors and trying to keep track of multiple children at one time. When you rent water slide bounce house inflatables, you can enjoy the beautiful temperatures of South Florida in the fall and entertain all of the party’s guests at once! Our bounce houses have a reputation for amusing children and teens all day long. With a massive variety of fun colors and themes, there is something for everyone when you are browsing through our inventory. From compact bounce house waterslide rentals to massive, jumbo-sized products that are perfect for larger parties and events, we help bring the fun to your party.